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and the winners are...

and the winners are...

Congratulations  to the winners!

Ten " Chronograph to Complication" books are going to:

1. Initials: PZ    Location: Red Lodge, MT   Customer since: 2018

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Hermle BRAXTON Regulator Wall Clock 70990740341, Black

The Hermle BRAXTON Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock is unique, making it the perfect item of décor for the discerning collector. Unlike classic regulator clocks, the BRAXTON features metal inlays on both of sides of the front door, creating a completely new clock face. An exclusive solid wooden case with front and side glass, and black color makes this BRAXTON an excellent choice for any room’s décor.
A wooden pendulum, a nickel head, an automatic and manual shut off lever, and a printed dial round out BRAXTON’s charms.


2. Initials: WL   Location: Wind Point WI   Customer since: 2018

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Hermle AMELIA Quartz Mantel Clock 21130N9Q, Cherry

  Amelia is a beautifully-styled classic tambour clock in a light oak finish (also available in light oak finish). This dual chime quartz-powered mantel clock has a white, black and embossed gold-tone dial with easy-to-read raised Arabic indicators. Short brass feet give this clock exceptional stability on any surface. Features raised burl veneer panels, a beaded molding across the base. 



3. Initials: CH   Location: Manchester TN  Customer since: 2018

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 Hermle SHEFFIELD Grandfather Clock #01221030451, Walnut Finish

      Unfortunately, The Sheffield Clock is no longer available. However, there are some clocks that you may want to consider in its stead. 
  • Atherton Grandfather Clock by Hermle
  • Woolridge Grandfather Clock by Hermle
  • Covington Grandfather Clock by Hermle

4. Initials: MM   Location: East Brunswick NJ  Customer since: 2018

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Hermle CARRINGTON Mechanical Regulator 70989740341, Black. Westminster Chimes

A classic with an updated and modern twist, the Hermle CARRINGTON Mechanical Regulator’s  has a different color chamfer  ( 45% bevel between the two adjoining faces) gives this clock a truly unique face.Elegantly finished in black and with an exclusive solid wood and glass case, this 22.8 x 8.9 x 5.1 inch clock is a beautiful addition to any contemporary room. Made in Germany, the CARRINGTON features a Westminster chime and an 8-day power reserve, night shut off, chime silence lever, and metal grid pendulum.

 5. Initials: WH  Location: LOS ALTOS CA  Customer since: 2018

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Hermle WINDFALL Quartz Barrister Mantel / Table Clock 22919N9Q

The Hermle WINDFALL Quartz Barrister Mantle/Table Clock is 8.5 x 7.5 x 4.25 inches. Barrister clocks are characterized by being a no-nonsense looking timepiece as one would have seen on a barrister’s mantle in days of old. Most have a gracefully arched top, although some of cases were square. There is a minimal quality to a barrister clock that never detracts from its professionalism. Adorn your office with a barrister clock for a touch of old world charm, or to have a timepiece that is as trusted now as it was then. WINDFALL chimes Bim-Bam or Westminster, has volume control, and a night shut-off.   

6.  Initials: KC  Location: Fairfax VA  Customer since: 2018

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Kieninger Clock Movement KSU 55 9-BELL Base

Kieninger Clock Movement KSU 55 is a 1/4 cable movement, triple chime (Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington) on 9-bell chime, automatic chime sequencing, run time 7 days, plate size 142 x 200 x 2,5 mm, 6 Aeterna bronze bushings (2nd wheels), removable cable drums, pallet anchor with stationary escapement (Graham) and automatic beat adjustment, cable winding stops, maintaining power, true second, separate chime shut-off for hour and melody with weight drop and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM, integrated dial lock lever.



7. Initials: MS   Location: Nesconset NY  Customer since: 2018

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Hermle LYON Mechanical Table Clock / Mantle Clock 22997000131, Brass

Lyon is a beautiful brass clock with floating Roman numeral dial and movement, pendulum and a polished bob. The side and rear glass is imprinted with extravagant decorative accents.It features a Hermle German-made Mechanical 8 Day 1/2 hour strike movement.


8. Initials: MF   Location: Sun Prairie WI Customer since: 2019

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Hermle ACTON Mechanical Mantel Clock 21142070340, Mahogany

Acton is a tambour style clock in a mahogany finish with a mechanical 8-day Westminster chime movement. Acton is an impressive mantel clock made of solid wood finished in rich mahogany, with brass feet and an elegant Roman numeral dial and bezel. Includes a silencing lever so as not to disturb anyone's slumber. 


9. Initials: CK  Location: Annapolis MD  Customer since: 2019

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Kieninger HM0034 Chiming Quartz Clock Movement (Replaces Hermle 2114, 2214, 2215 or 2115)

The discontinued Hermle pendulum units are replaced by by a superior Kieninger with a stronger coil and better sound. One difference is If you are replacing a 2114 unit, the clock will now play Westminster or Ava Maria instead of Westminster or Bim Bam chime. Plays ascending chiming melody on each 1/4 hour, full melody at the top of the hour, strikes the hour after playing the full melody.  Can also be set to play just the full Westminster melody plus the hour strike at the top of the hour, without playing the ascending melody on the 1/4 hours.  Can be set to play 24 hours a day or set to shut off at night for 8 hours. Volume control. Auto night shut off feature, uses I shaft hands, and has external speaker. Uses 2 C batteries. 


10. Initials: EB  Location:  Crawfordville FL  Customer since: 2019

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Rombach & Haas (Romba) HOOTING OWL Model 8360 Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, 8-Day, Spinning Owls

Rombach & Haas (Romba) HOOTING OWL Model 8360 Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, 8is a beautiful and lovingly crafted piece, with very detailed carvings of owls and leaves. There are even tiny, incredibly detailed owls of different varieties spinning and dancing to the music.
This clock is hand-made in the Black Forest in Germany. The mechanical brass movements are driven by three weights and time escapes with the tick of a traditional pendulum. The solid-brass time mechanism is made in the Black Forest in Germany, and the music mechanism is made in Switzerland. The owl call sound is made by two wooden whistles with bellows inside the clock case. Even the packaging has an old-world charm, as only paper is used. The factory packing is all made of renewable materials. This clock makes a great gift for the young and old alike. 


The grand Prize - Hermle Ravensburg Skeleton Wall Clock

Ravensburg is a metal skeleton wall clock with a mechanical 8 day passing bell strike movement. Its unique hanging elements add an incredible aesthetic to any wall it is hung on, providing a pop of vintage mystique that's not to be made light of.

is going to......


MB from Lansdale PA, Customer since 2019

Qualifying purchase

Hermle 341-020 FHS Hermle Mechanical Clock Movement. The plate size measures 120 x 120 mm and has a 33.2 mm hand shaft length. The Hermle 341-020 features an 8 day Westminster Chime, key wound, pendulum escape, and 5 hammers at bottom. This movement is available with an 11 cm long pendulum.





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  • Donald L'Tainen.  Phone.  6102836832
    Donald L'Tainen. Phone. 6102836832

    I’m still adjusting my Hermle ‘Clapham’ wall clock, it is now just a few minutes slow each day. However a bigger problem to me is that it doesn’t strike the correct hour past the hour of one. The half hour strike works correctly but every hour past one o’clock, the clock strikes twelve times on each subsequent hour! This has happened since day one when we unpacked the clock. There must be a simple solution for this problem. The clock is still under warranty, please call me to correct this problem.

  • Mark Breon
    Mark Breon

    Wow, that clock is an amazing prize, thank you! The movement I purchased allowed me to refurbish a clock my wife’s grandparents made as a kit back in 1982 and hadn’t worked for at least 10 years. Thanks again!

  • Michael Stein
    Michael Stein

    Love, love the Hermle LYON Mechanical Table Clock / Mantle Clock 22997000131, Brass. Perfect clock for our house. Could not be more pleased. Your staff was wonderful at fixing a problem I had. Thanks so much.

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