Franz Hermle Contemporary Floor Clocks

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Hermle ESSEX Grandfather Clock with Tubular Chimes 01219Q31171 Walnut

Contemporary Floor Clocks

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Hermle XAVIER Floor Clock 01240740791, Black Carbon Finish

Contemporary Floor Clocks

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While one of the most popular kinds of floor clocks available is called a “Grandfather Clock,” there is nothing old about the latest designs of floor clocks. In fact, many people looking for edgy, contemporary clocks choose to shop for modern design Hermle floor clocks. With a beautiful selection and plenty of incredible differences in designs and sensibilities, Hermle’s line of modern floor clocks are the special touch for your home that you’ve been looking for. 

When you shop for modern design Hermle floor clocks, you will encounter many different designs and sounds that seamlessly blend modern tastes and technology with classic quality. Clocks like the Hermle Essex Grandfather Clock with tubular chimes feature incredible contemporary designs, but without forgetting where they came from. They harken back to the grand era of standing floor clocks, but fit in with your modern décor. The tubular chimes can be programmed to play Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington chimes and will not shut off automatically come nightfall. That way, you can be gently woken up by church bells every morning. When you buy contemporary floor clocks by Hermle, you are getting quality classic craftsmanship that looks and feels like something from the future. 

Another excellent example of what you can own and treasure when you shop for modern design Hermle floor clocks is the Hermle Parker Grandfather Clock. Made in a contemporary art deco style, this clock eschews the usual stylings of grandfather clocks in favour of something different and striking. The front glass is complex and curved while the delicate black casing, made of solid wood, offers a contoured look that feels very progressive. It is truly a piece that reflects the ultimate in contemporary style, and a shining example of why people love to buy contemporary floor clocks by Hermle. 

The contemporary floor clock is not your father’s, or grandfather’s, clocks. These pieces gently echo the past, but include all of the latest technological innovations and style you need for today’s lifestyles. When you shop for modern design Hermle floor clocks, you can be assured that the very best in hand-crafted German engineering is driving these beautiful pieces. 

If you love the stately look of a grandfather clock but desire a more contemporary and less imposing model then the traditional clocks of yesterday, you have plenty of options that will match your style and decor choices. These pieces are made with the latest in interior decorating trends in mind so, when you buy contemporary floor clocks by Hermle, you will be treated with a piece that is as forward-thinking and modern as you are. 

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