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Hermle RAVENSBURG Weight Driven Wall Clock 70974000711, Wrought Iron

Wall Clock

$149.00 USD $298.00 USD You Save: $149.00 USD (50%)
Hermle LESTER Weight Driven German Wall Clock 70503000701

Wall Clock

$266.00 USD $399.00 USD You Save: $133.00 USD (33%)
Hermle HAMBURG Weight Driven Wall Clock 70332000711, Wrought Iron

Wall Clock

$159.00 USD $237.00 USD You Save: $78.00 USD (32%)
Hermle FRANKFURT Mechanical Weight Driven Wall Clock #70731000711, Wrought Iron

Wall Clock

$159.00 USD $249.00 USD You Save: $90.00 USD (36%)
Hermle STUTTGART Weight Driven German Wall Clock 70733000711

Wall Clock

$149.00 USD $237.00 USD You Save: $88.00 USD (37%)
Hermle NEASDEN Mechanical Weight Driven Wall Clock 60991000261

Wall Clock

$534.00 USD $801.00 USD You Save: $267.00 USD (33%)

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Hermle KENNINGTON Quartz Contemporary Wall Clock 70644382200, Beech

Wall Clock

$358.00 USD $538.00 USD You Save: $180.00 USD (33%)
Hermle STAMFORD Weight Driven Wrought Wall Clock 70504000701, Iron

Wall Clock

$266.00 USD $399.00 USD You Save: $133.00 USD (33%)
Hermle KENNINGTON Quartz Contemporary Wall Clock 70644292200, Anthracite

Wall Clock

$358.00 USD $537.00 USD You Save: $179.00 USD (33%)
Hermle DOROTHY Quartz Wall Clock 60992002214, Brass

Wall Clock

$324.00 USD $486.00 USD You Save: $162.00 USD (33%)
Hermle AIRPORT World Time Quartz Wall Clock 30504002100, Nickel Finish

Wall Clock

$206.00 USD $309.00 USD You Save: $103.00 USD (33%)
Hermle SAVANNAH II Wall Clock 70944002200, Stainless Steel

Wall Clock

$254.00 USD $381.00 USD You Save: $127.00 USD (33%)

Wall clocks are one of the most popular kinds of clocks in the modern world, able to combine the elegance and style of art with the sensibility of something practical. In many cases, elaborate cuckoo clocks or regulator clocks that are hung on walls can become a centerpiece for a room’s style and décor; the equivalent of a beautiful painting. However, there are many kinds of wall clocks, all with their own benefits and advantages. Here are some of the different wall clocks waiting for you at Timely and Timeless.

Skeleton Wall Clocks

Skeleton wall clocks are for anyone who loves to see how things work. These specialized kinds of clocks do away with the parts that hide the inner workings so you can actually take a peek inside. Everything from the gears to the weights can often be seen inside skeleton clocks and they make for fantastic, interesting pieces. Skeleton wall clocks can technically come in almost any variety. Digital varieties were quite popular in the eighties and nineties, but today’s skeleton timepieces are generally focused on regulator clocks and cuckoo clocks.

One of our most popular wall skeleton clocks is the Hermle Ravensburg Weight Driven Wall Clock. This non-regulator minimal masterpiece of a wall clock features unparalleled elegance and efficiency. With unique hanging elements that add an incredible aesthetic, this clock has the tendency to turn a simple wall into an incredible piece of art.

Pendulum Wall Clocks

Pendulum wall clocks are actually a broad term that covers any wall clock that is regulated by pendulums and weights, as opposed to springs or electricity. These types of clocks are incredibly accurate, and they do not stop working when the power goes out.

Since they are such a broad category, you can easily find a variety of pendulum wall clocks that match your needs and design choices, ranging from elaborate cuckoo clocks to more traditional regulator clocks.

The Hermle Elite Chiming Weight Driven Wall Clock, for example, is a testament to how intricately detailed and elegant a pendulum wall clock can be. This clock features a unique triple chime, eight-day, cable-driven movement, brass tubes, and a 4/4 chime.

Cuckoo Clocks

The cuckoo clock is a long-standing tradition in the world of clocks and timepieces. Thought to originate in the Black Forest in Germany, these pendulum clocks originally were made to emulate the song of the common cuckoo bird, which is found throughout Europe and Asia. Today, the rich heritage of the cuckoo clock is best demonstrated by the sophisticated clocks that are still emulate the original German designs, which focus on pastoral scenes and what life would have been like in the 17th century.

Cuckoo clocks are perfect for home decor styles that emphasize rustic, traditional, or natural elements. Plus, they offer a beautiful tune every hour that is said to bring the household good luck! 

Regular Round Wall Clocks

“Regular” wall clocks sometimes invokes images of the clock you stared at while waiting for the school bell: all function, no fashion, and seeming to take forever to get to the time you want. With our collection, nothing could be further from the truth. Our round wall clocks are pieces of art that enhance and enhance the room.

Some of our most popular round wall clocks are in the AVA series. These clocks feature a minimalist German design that is available in nickel or brass and as a point of interest and outstanding design, they feature the time-keeping mechanism on the outside.

Wall clocks don’t have to be limited to the traditional, either, as seen with the Hermle Airport World Time Quartz Wall Clock. This clock features a map of the world on the face and Quartz time-only movement so you will never miss another flight, appointment, event or any important moment in your life.