Moving Your Grandfather Clock

 What happens if you decide to move your heirloom grandfather clock to a different part of your house and you do not feel that it warrants calling the professional movers? In case of such eventuality, we would like to offer some practical advice on how to move this very-heavy-very-tall-and-more-delicate-than-it-appears timepiece.  

The most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to move a grandfather clock even a few feet with its pendulum and weights still attached. Moving a grandfather clock without first properly dismantling it can be a recipe for disaster as it can cause damage to its movement. The pendulum itself can also break. Besides that, the swinging weights could potentially break the glass or scratch the ornamental woodwork.

  • Removing the clock’s pendulum

  • Removing the clock’s pendulum is fairly easy. It should come off the suspension spring fro which it is hanging without the need to apply any force. We recommend wearing cotton gloves or using a piece of cloth rather than touching the pendulum with your bare hands.

  • Removing the clock’s weights and securing chains or cables

  • You should move the weights about half way up before removing them. Check to make sure that chains or cables do not get tangled or dragged into the movement. The best way to ensure this is to take a piece of cardboard (those Amazon boxes sure come in handy!), place it behind the chains or cables, spread them out and use wide painter’s tape to secure them to the cardboard so that they do not move or tangle. Most gears are marked L, R or C but if this is not the case than make sure to mark them. Weights may look the same but there are, in fact, many different weights and it is important to attach them correctly.

  • Removing ornamental parts

  • If your clocks has any fragile and detachable pieces, either woodwork (sometimes the top can be removed) or glass shelves, carefully remove them as well.

    Remember to wear cotton gloves while handling all of the clock’s parts.

    If you are moving to a new home, we recommend calling professional movers who can carefully package all the dismantled pieces, transport the clock in a special crate a.nd assemble it again at its new home

    Take good care of your grandfather or grandmother clock and it will serve you and future generations for many years to come. If you need any help or want to find out more about our white glove clock delivery, as well as to check prices and availability, please call us at 800-390-4067.