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I feel privileged to represent upscale merchandise of such extraordinary quality, enduring value and lasting beauty as clocks by the high end German manufacturers: Kieninger, Hermle, Sternreiter, Romba and others. It is my greatest joy to share in so many special moments in my customers' lives, including milestone occasions like weddings, anniversaries and retirements. I know that you have a choice about where to purchase your clock. In addition to providing high-touch customer care, various perks like gifts with purchase or complimentary plaques engraved with your personal message, I want to make sure that you get your clock at the best possible price and become a loyal customer. Hi-end clocks come in a variety of styles, sizes and options and in different price ranges. In addition, many of the higher tier clocks are limited edition or not available in regular stock and need to be special ordered. Many are available but only in a very low quantity and availability can change from one minute to the next.

Therefore, I encourage my customers looking for higher-priced items, to contact us to ensure you’re getting the best clock that suits your needs, are aware of it's availability and get it at the best price we can offer

Please call me at 800-390-4067 or email at paulina@timelyandtimeless.com  

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