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Hermle Tellurium V Astronomical Clock

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The Tellurium V is a very special clock and is unlike  all the other glass domed astronomical clocks. It has the square cut dome and you would never have to worry about misplacing the key because Tellurium V has a base with a key drawer. Tellurium V  has an 8-day spring wound movement, Roman numerals, and Breguet hands. Westminster Chimes play on 4 nested bells. Tellurium V is the feast for the eyes and even more importantly, it will help you be in touch with the universe at large as you watch Tellurium V reproduce the annual orbit of the earth around the sun, rotating around its own axis once in twenty four hours. The moon, as it should be, revolves around the earth in 29.5 days completing a full rotation around its axis. You will be able to watch different moon phases both, from your telescope and on your clock. Over the course of one year, the earth passes all twelve zodiac signs, months and individual days which are indicated on the flat disc. This is a truly unique item and even more so now, that it is no longer produced and this last one still waiting for its home...Shop For Hermle Tellurium V Astronomical Clock



Hermle Anstead Grandfather Clock with Triple Tubular Chimes


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Anstead is a magnificent, finely crafted grandfather clock that represents the very best of the tradition. T
he walnut cabinet (also available in dark oak and cherry), made in Vermont, is complimented by a graceful bonnet pediment . The crown feature raised, hand rubbed burl veneer overlays on top, front and sides of crown and a carved center motif, while the base has a matching hand rubbed burl veneer overlay panel on the front. Deeply hand carved face caps on the hook match the three-tiered base with hand carved face caps and outfitted with a hidden storage area. The clock has a lockable waist door with beveled glass in the front and side panels, side access doors and floor levelers in the base. The matching set of accessories included a dial with applied brass Arabic numerals, a moving moon disk and understated cast center and corner spandrels. The pendulum bob has a matching cast center disk and the weight shells have a matching band. The Hermle flagship German-made mechanical 8-day cable driven movement plays all three of the most renowned clock melodies: Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington. The clock has a second hand feature and automatic night shut-off so as not to disrupt anyone's slumber... Shop for Anstead Grandfather Clock