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Michael Platz German Brass Barrister Style Mantel Clock with Engravable Plate

  • Made in Germany by Michael Platz. Quality German Quartz movement by Heiniger 
  • Classic and elegant design, pleasing lines and brass finish, clean workmanship, superior materials.
  • Incorporated engraving plate
  • Dimensions: 6" x ' x 1.5' top part / 2" base. 2-year warranty.

This graceful barrister style mantel clock has a unique design. The engraving plate is incorporated in the face of the clock so once engraved, it becomes a part of the design rather than a mere plaque on the back of the clock. The plate is easy to remove and replace once engraved. It is smooth and large enough for a variety of designs. Quality German Quartz movement will last for years to come. There are very few German quartz movements movements left. Most of them are produced in China now and even some fine German manufacturers make quartz clock cases but import the movements.

Michael Platz TS clock makes a great retirement gift, swag gift or auction item at the corporate event. You can also use the plaque for a very personal message and make it a special gift for someone you love.