Timely Returns


Welcome to our TIMELY RETURNS Interface!

Internet shopping is convenient and prices are 30-40% less than in conventional stores but as a customer you do not want to give up hassle-free returns, exchanges and personalized customer care right? Well, you do not need to. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new purchase and we make the whole process as easy and worry-free as possible. Whatever the reason for your coming to his page today (and we list the most common ones below), please use the form on this page or send us an email to timelyreturns@qwirly.com and we will handle your return, exchange, missing or additional accessories requests and other customer care needs.  

If you have a 4-Digit Order Number, Please use this form to submit you return or exchange request

If you don't love it, send it back, it's that easy! We will gladly accept unaltered merchandise in sellable condition and original packaging for a full refund within 30 days* of purchase no questions asked. Please allow 2 to 4 business days to process the return once it’s received. You will be notified via email once the refund has been issued.  *Refunds for returns are issued less the return shipping charges.

We charge flat shipping charges as follows: Quartz clock movements: $5.50 , Mechanical clock movements: $9.50, Most Wall clocks and cuckoo clocks: $15, Regulator Wall Clocks: $25, Astronomical Clocks, Glass Dome Wall Clocks, Large Carriage Mantel Clocks, Other Larger Clocks with significant presence of glass requiring extra careful packaging - $45. Note: Grandfather and other floor clocks can not be returned through this interface and require special freight pick up arrangements, authorization and prepayment.

Clocks and movements are delicate items and even though they are packaged extremely thoroughly, parts could come off, get out of alignment or even get broken during shipment. Depending on the extent of the damage you can decide if you are comfortable with us sending a new piece for you to take care of it yourself or if we should just replace the entire item. If later is the case, we send a replacement immediately along with the return label. The only thing we ask is that you carefully package the first item in its original packaging and send it back to us with the return label provided as soon as you can.

Please use this link if you have a 4-digit order number and this link if you do not in order to request a replacement or send us an email to timelyreturns@qwirly.com and we will handle everything on our end.

In most cases, the movement you are getting is a replacement one, often for the old and obsolete movement. ​Design styles of the clocks and clock movements change per manufacturer’s discretion. Changes in movement styles DO NOT compromise the functionality of a movement. However, adjustments may need to be made in order for the replacement movement to fit properly. Even though we do our best to explain every aspect of measuring the replacement movement shaft, plate size and pendulum weight, mistakes happen. If your movement arrived and you realized that the shaft is too long or too short, or it does not fit for some other reason, no worries, we will be happy to help you figure it out, exchange it or return it.

Should you have any other issue with the movement, we are here to help you as well, replace a defective one, issue a refund if needed, send you ​additional mounting hardware​ whenever needed or a ​set of hands​ if your original hands do not fit properly.

All we ask is that you handle the movement carefully and return it to us in its original working condition. We are happy to send you a new one right away along with the return label so the entire process is as effortless as possible

Please use this link if you have a 4-digit order number and this link if you do not in order to request a replacement or send us an email to timelyreturns@qwirly.com and we will handle everything on our end.

All Replacement ir DYI Kit Quartz Clock Movements are sent with a complete set of instructions and mounting hardware. Hardware / mounting nuts for Kieninger movements vary with the size of the shaft and the thickness of the dial. We try to provide one or two mounting nuts corresponding to the 16 or 21 mm size shaft but because dials vary, you may find yourself in need of a different size nut.  You may also need additional washers if the shaft is a bit too long. If you can not find the perfect fit among the hardware we sent and the original hardware that came with your clock, please let us know and we would be happy to send you a few more sizes we may have available.

Just send us a quick emails to returns@qwirly.com and we will get a package in a mail for you right away and provide you with a tracking number 

Detailed instructions are included with your movement. However, they are also available for download on our site along with the helpful video tutorials. 

Please note that mechanical clock movements are send factory oiled and ready for installation but without instructions or mounting hardware. We have most instructions available for download on our site and will help you with whatever other technical questions you may have. 

In most cases, your original hands should fit the movement and most people prefer to keep the hands that came with their clock. You can also gently squeeze or file the hand opening make it smaller or wider in order to fit around the shaft whenever needed. If you did not request one when purchasing the clock, you can still do so now.

Just send us a quick email to timelyreturns@qwirly.com or help@timelyandtimeless.com and refer to your order number so we can pull up your complete information and we will send you a set of hands and a tracking number within a couple of days.