Rombah and Haas (Romba), 3 Generations of Quality, Design and Inventiveness

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Rombach & Haas Clock Company was founded in 1894.  The company is now managed by Ingolf and Conny Haas, the fourth generation of clock makers. The factory retains its original look. Workbenches from the 18th century are still in use, and the components are still taken from drawers with porcelain knobs, which were already used more than 100 years ago to store similar parts. Ingolf Haas works hard to maintain the historic work atmosphere and promises to continue to ensure all timepieces to be manufactured in this unique ambiance. “Romba” clocks have made a name for themselves worldwide in terms of quality, design, inventiveness and diversity.  They came up with the idea to make the clocks adapted to the times and while expanding the line of the shield clocks (1st generation) and traditional cuckoo clocks (2nd generation), Rombah also came up with an entirely new and innovative line of cuckoo clocks: modern cuckoo clocks - the 3rd generation. This innovation has been nothing short of  a “small revolution” in the Black Forest clock industry.

Ingolf’s wife Conny devoted almost 30 years to clock painting and her individually created, hand-painted shield clocks are recognized worldwide and much sought after. The couple has three children and we can only hope that they are as enthusiastic about cuckoo clocks as their parents and ready to cary on their family tradition into the 5th generation.