Sternreiter Is A Mark of True Care

Authentic cuckoo clocks come from Germany’s Black Forest, and few cuckoo clocks are more authentic and historical than the Sternreiter.

Sternreiter line is instantly recognizable for their intricate hand-carved cuckoo clocks that feature lifelike leaves and birds poised in repose or flight. There is a rustic yet refined quality only seen in hand carving that truly brings these clocks to life.

The Sternreiter cuckoo brand also includes chalet and vintage clocks, and its tradition of producing each cuckoo clock by hand ensures each and every piece has been created by a master clockmaker, and in a tradition of excellence. Sternreiter clockmakers boast more than 60 years of hands-on craftsman experience.

Which Sternreiter cuckoo clock enchants you?  Maybe you love the stately dark wood traditional bird and leaf clock with its bold strokes and commanding presence. Not to be outdone is the vast selection of traditional deer-themed cuckoo clocks – a lesser known style that is coveted for its expertly carved buck with towering antlers. Then there is the chalet cuckoo clocks, which are perfect miniature houses that emulate the charm of traditional German dwellings.

The Sternreiter line of contemporary quartz cuckoo clocks are battery driven. but traditional bird/leaf and chalet quartz clocks expertly cloak the battery mechanism, making them nearly impossible to distinguish from their non-quartz counterparts.

Quartz Sternreiter cuckoo clocks have a light sensor that automatically shuts the sound off at night. During the waking hours, the clock features a recording of a real wild cuckoo bird with the gentle sound a stream in the background. Each chime makes you pause, adding a beautiful moment of repose to your day.

Sternreiter cuckoo clocks, thanks to their handcrafting, are each original in their own way.  Subtle difference in each craftsperson’s style means no two clocks will be completely alike.

In addition to cuckoo clocks, Sternreiter produces superb mantel and wall clocks as well as modern and practical alarm clocks. When buying a Sternreiter clock, you can count on purchasing the item made with true love for the art of clockmaking and care for the customer. 

Timely and Timeless is committed to bringing you the most exquisite timepieces in the world, which is why we are incredibly proud to represent Sternreiter’s famous and beautiful cuckoo clocks. Enjoy our selection of these and other renowned timepieces. Each interaction with Timely and Timeless comes with our outstanding customer service and attention to what makes your shopping experience with us as unique as the timepieces we offer.