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Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Chime Holiday Magic Timely and Timeless has clocks and free gifts to make your holidays complete

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Chime Holiday Magic Timely and Timeless has clocks and free gifts to make your holidays complete 8

The holiday season is truly magical. For a few weeks, time seems to slow down. There’s a joyful spirit in the air, and friends and family reconnect.

Traditions, old and new, are the hallmark of the Christmas season, and few things are as traditional, or as charming, as cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region of Germany. Carved bird cuckoo clocks, and cuckoo clocks with animated figures, are among the top souvenirs for tourists visiting the region. It’s not hard to see why – the Black Forest is where the cuckoo clock was born, refined, and then shared with the world. It is an endearing timepiece that has enchanted the world since the 1600s.

As you search for the best gifts this year, consider a real Black Forest cuckoo clock. The Black Forest, after all, is steeped in Christmas tradition. 

Christmas in the Black Forest is magical! Some of the longstanding traditions include leaving candy out to becalm restless ghosts, and not watching animals go into the barn on Christmas Eve, so the animals can talk to each other without being observed on the Holy Night! A tradition that is truly spectacular is Triberger Weihnachtszauber, where thousands of lights illuminate the valley.  One of our favorites, Triberg Cuckoo Clock by Hermle pays homage to that tradition. 

When you give a Black Forest Cuckoo clock as a Christmas gift – and it doesn’t matter what kind; it could be an  8 Day  Sternreiter cuckoo clock, a modern Romba cuckoo clock, or even a 12 melody musical cuckoo clock like Hermle Rheinberg, you give a piece of the Black Forest’s heart. These clocks truly are nostalgic and memorable gifts for the young and old alike.

Wouldn’t mom love a delicately carved  cuckoo clock?  And our fine, imported from Germany traditional Black Forest and Chalet style cuckoo clocks are perfect for the cabin, lodge, or rustic home. We even have quartz or mechanical movement clocks to satisfy those that want to wind their timepiece, and those that want it to self regulate.

The joy doesn’t stop when you choose one our authentic Hermle, Sternreiter or Romba Black Forest cuckoo clocks. For a limited time, get a free carved whistle when you spend up to $500, or a free clock with purchases of over $500. You get a gift to give and a little something special for yourself.

Your free gifts are only offered until the clock strikes 12 on December 31, so don’t delay. Shop our outstanding selection of Black Forest cuckoo clocks today, and learn why we are the go-to online clock retailer for traditional as well as modern cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest. Our customer service and our selection cannot be beat.

What is the greatest give you can give anyone at Christmas? Time – and we have plenty of it! This year, turn aside from the electronics that can quickly become outdated. Step away from the clothes (do you really know their personal clothing style?). Back down from the chocolates. Instead, do something different this year. Give someone you love a piece of nostalgia: a Black Forest cuckoo clock that reminds them of the time you give every day of the year.